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Furry-Muscle Cast


Nov 30, 2014

Furry-Muscle Cast – 38 – Fall Is Coming! - September

1.      Introductions

·         Maximus Ursus – This bear is everywhere

·         Tonka Wolf – The mean fighting machine! Tonka Truck?

·         Tiptoe – Sexting! Not in THAT way.

·         Beastly Bahamut – Snowing eh?

·         Schredded Wolf – WTF?! Is he here?

·         Syn – Show white…it’s nice.

·         Jazz Wolf –Is he here?

·         Snowheart – What is this?!!? Cursedmarked

·         Tiberious – Working, Working, Working got to keep on cooking.

·         Zak – 5 Weeks of heck and a day of repeat of it.


2.      Topics

A.    Mr. Olympia



Phil Heath

Kai Greene

Dennis Wolf

Shawn Rhoden

Dexter Jackson

Ibrahim Fahim

Justin Compton

Steve Kuclo

Branch Warren

Mamdouh Elssbiay

Juan Morel

Roelly winklaar

William Bonac

Victor Martinez

Jonathan Delarosa

Evan Centopani

Lionel Beyeke

Cedric McMillan

Johnnie Jackson

Jojo Ntiforo

Essa Obaid

Fred Smalls



James Flex Lewis

David Henry

Kevin English

Jose Raymond

Eduardo Correa

Sami Al Haddad

Guy Cisternino

Aaron Clark

Charles Dixon

Hidetada Yamagishi

Mark Dugdale

Raul Carrasco

Ahmad Ahmad

Baito Abbaspour

Mboya Edwards





B.     Carpal Tunnel

o   Wear proper supportive devices to prevent wrist flexion.

o   Practice moderation during exercise. In most cases, the more difficult the resistance training exercise.

o   Ice your wrists after resistance training workouts, it will reduce the inflammation that can occur as a result of the activity

o   Refrain from doing weight-bearing wrist curls or any other exercises where you feel excessive pain in the wrist.

o   Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen reduce pain and inflammation.

C.     Tiberious’ Center

o   Proper form for the Big 3 (Bench, Squat, and Deadlift.) These lifts exist in bodybuilding as strongly as powerlifting, and there are a lot of myths and fears of injury when considering them.


D.    Emails

1.      From: NativeWolf @SchreddedWolf

Questions: Do you believe Jay Culter is out of it finally? Why?


2.      From: CatKittyr @Tiptoe

Questions: What time do you usually do cardio normally?


3.      From: Bullzbear @Tiberious

Questions: Do you have any problems with spine problems?


E.     Closing Out:

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