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Furry-Muscle Cast


Dec 22, 2013

Furry-Muscle Cast – 29 – Merry Furry Castmas!

1.      Introductions:

§  Guest Host – Ryoku7 – Can make all the macros look sooooo small! (Confirm)

§  Gusst Host – Hoilie Hyena – Laughing people to dead since 1734 B.C.E. (Confirm)

§  Gusst Host – Summer – Girlfriend! (Unknown)

§  Maximus Ursus – Mama’s Bear!!….? (Confirm)

§  Tiptoe – Visiting us from the astral plan the dead rat! (Confirm)

§  Beastly Bahamut – Trying to enter the mountains of morning… (Movie-ing)

§  Schredded Wolf – Veins, Veins, Veins, Mother Russia! (Who Knows ¬_¬)

§  Syn – His shining head is still guiding the way for Saint! Christmas is Safe!! (Unknown)

§  Jazz Wolf – Just as busy as before…never replys. (Will Be Here)

§  Snowheart – Got A’s on all his exams…that mother fucker! (Late 30 – 45 minutes)

§  Zak – Studying for his exam & starting a weight lost program 2.


2.      Cast Follow-Ups:

§  Tiptoe –

o   Dead of a rate

o   Hollie Hyena’s part


§  Max & Syn –

o   Moving


3.      Topics:

A.      MidWest Furfest

§  What the hell we all did. I think this will be a big part of the Cast tonight.


B.      Ryoky7 – Interview  

§  Going to probe him good tonight!


C.      Christmas

§   What out plans are.


4.      E-Mails/Phone Calls:

A.      From: HonryWolf @Max

Question: Why, hello sir! I wish to rub you with oil. Please could you tell me what type of oil you would use and something else than bacon cause I know they make oil like that already.


B.      From: HonryWolf @Max

Question: So if you need help getting out of your suite, do you have to screw up your zipper and than get out that way?


C.      From: HonryWolf @Max

Question: Because you eat a lot of bacon don’t your “stuff” stink because of the by products in the bacon? Your body would use up the other stuff and etc. Don’t it just stink?


D.     From: HonryWolf @Max

Question: When looking at same gender does boobs size or dick size makes you hard? Does it matter if it is hard or not and does that affect your mindset to wack off more or give different choices when you think of them?


E.      From: Anonymous @Tiptoe

Question: What did you kill yourself? With the name new furson will your name change.


F.       From: Anonymous @Tiptoe

Question: With a new change to your character do you believe you be changing to something other than a rat or try another species. If not, what would you consider to play with?


G.     From: Anonymous @Ryoku7

Question: Why put so much details in sketches and not draw more quicker so you can output more?


H.     From: WhoOwl @Ryoku7

Question: Been a fan of your work for a long time man! First great works and please keep drawing! My question: What made you start to draw art and/or Furry stuff.  Also why muscles and macro stuff?


I.        From: Trees @Snowheart

Question: What are your plans for the upcoming year? You been bounce around so much that I don’t know if you’re going this way or that way.


J.        From: SuperEBP @ Max

Question: What type of music do you like the music to sit down and enjoy even or even to dance to?


K.      From: Anonymous @Jazz

Question: Would you be going to any cons in 2014?


L.       From: SnowWolf @Jazz

Question: Does the Florida area help to promote your muse to draw more? Also a follow up question is do you think many people are moving from tradition drawings and to digital more? If so do you think artist still should draw on paper and less digital.


M.   From Upstar Willington @Cast

Question: Is it okay to go up to someone in the gym who is doing a workout with poor form and attempt to correct them or should I leave them to there own demise?


5.      Closing Out:

§  We can’t do the show without you, the listeners!

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§  Next Furry-Muscle Cast: January - 10 – A New Year Cast!