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Furry-Muscle Cast


Nov 5, 2015

Furry-Muscle Cast – 50 – Random!

  1. Introductions
    1. Guess Co-Host - Tibor Tiger – Moving Super Kitty?
    2. Maximus-Ursus – Maybe?
    3. Beastly Bahamut – Long Days, Tiring Days.
    4. Tiptoe – Paarrrrtttttyyyyy! :D
    5. Jazz Wolf – Nope, Busy.
    6. Schredded Wolf – Nope, Busy.
    7. Snowheart – Busy, Busy Kitty.
    8. Syn – Rat Way, As Fast As He Can.
    9. Tiberious – Nope, Busy.
    10. Zak – Back To Work!


  1. Topics
    1. Foods Porn
      1. Throughout the Cast Max is sending me pictures of what he been making at this work and I will be showing it on the stream.


  1. Our Overview
    1. How has out progress of our workouts gone?
    2. What progress was made?
  • What short comings have come up?
  1. What would need to change to get current goals?
  2. What would be the new goals are changes to come?


  1. Snow’s Up
    1. What are training splits? - Split weight training is type of workout for each part of body by lifting weight for one group at a time, Firstly, the push muscles consist of the chest, shoulder, and triceps. For example, the exercise are barbell bench press, incline barbell press, barbell shoulder press, dip, and triceps push down.
    2. What are the pros and cons of training splits?
  • Are training splits very effected?


  1. Emails
    1. From: DarkWolf @All

Question: With many relationship being throwing this way are that way do to the rules of our society do you all think that things are getting better for the world?




  1. From: BearONE @BeastlyBahamut

Question: I had a truck hit me and crush my legs as well as my kneecaps, I have been through a shit ton of P.T., 5 years later I just done my first squats of 200 lbs. Thanks for helping me get through the worst of it a time that was dark for me.


  1. Closing Out:
    1. We can’t do the show with you, the listeners. Thank you for taking the time to rate us on iTunes, as well as all the feedback and question we received each month.
    2. You can find the show on our website as well as iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher Radio, Blubrry, doubleTwist, Miro and many other podcast directories.
    3. You can email us at, you can also call us and leave comments are questions at 571-208-Buff (2833).
    4. You can find us on Twitter @FurryMuscleCast.
    5. Show notes, pictures, links and many other materials can be found at our main website at
    6. Next Furry-Muscle Cast: October 9th.