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Furry-Muscle Cast


Sep 30, 2015

Furry-Muscle Cast – 49 – Fall(ing) Weights & Conventions

  1. Introductions
    1. Guess Co-Host - Tibor Tiger – Saving Furries With Hugs (Confirm)
    2. Maximus-Ursus – Gym, Weights, Coins, Cons.
    3. Beastly Bahamut – Hot, Sweating and Ripping Off All The Clothing.
    4. Tiptoe – Smelling Cheese at A.C.
    5. Jazz Wolf – Biking That Extra Mile.
    6. Schredded Wolf – Working, Lifting, Cons…Mmmmm
    7. Snowheart – Moving, Working and Lifting
    8. Syn – Just Another Rat at The Race
    9. Tiberious – Working, Flying and Lifting.
    10. Zak – Researching, Reading, Organizing, Planning...Let Go!


  1. Topics
    1. Anthrocon, Megaplex Conventions Review – Fall/Winter Conventions (25 Minutes)
      1. We briefly go over the A.C. and Megaplex cons and any highlights are stories. Talk about what plans we all have for this coming Fall/Winter conventions.
    2. The Big debate between Free Weights and Weight Machines (25 – 30 Minutes)
      1. Both free weights and machines weights do have pros and cons to each of them. They both do help build muscle just in different ways and attacks each muscle group differently.
      2. Machines are good for training size and strength but they neglect key core and stabilization muscles.
  • Pros of Machines Weights
    1. Easy to learn.
    2. Isolate muscle groups more efficiently
    3. Allows you to train with heavier weights without assistance.
    4. Usefully to elderly populations and/or rehab.
  1. Cons of Machines Weights.
    1. Non-Functional – They don’t train complete human movement patterns.
    2. Neglect smaller stabilizing muscles
    3. May cause injury directly and indirectly. - It is still possible to use too much weight and enough poor form to cause a serious injury. Overloading the same movement day in and day out is also an easy way to set yourself up for an overuse injury.
    4. False sense of strength gain
  2. Pros of Free Weights
    1. Increased use of stabilizing muscles
    2. Improved balance
    3. Increased use of brainpower - Whenever you perform an exercise with free weights, you use proprioreception, which is the brain's ability to know where the body is in space and whether or not it is balanced.
    4. Allow for endless variation - With free weights, all you need is one dumbbell and you can do hundreds of different exercise variations.
  3. Cons of Free Weight
    1. Takes some skill to learn proper technique.
    2. Greater risk of injury when not done properly
    3. Need a spotter to lift heavy weight on squat or bench press exercises
    4. Decreased efficiency in time - if you're using dumbbells that require adding or removing plates to adjust the weight, much of your time will be spent preparing for your next exercise.


  1. Keeping Motivation
    1. Body Image: Our society gives us this type of motivation most of the time in the form magazines, social media, television shows, movies, etc. These wants can be transform in to a goal to help push oneself to keep up the workout goal to what body you like to have.
    2. Working Out: Having a gym buddy will help to keep stuff one motivated to keep going. They help to encourage and push you as well as make you not miss a workout.
  • Results: Seeing what your workout has been doing helps with the physical side of the mind to keep work out and get bigger are more in shape depending on your goals.
  1. Variety: Keeping things fresh helps to keep the mind from being bore with the task. Try to add change to your workout but to keep the same goal. For example we will use a cardio work out, people usually use a treadmill. So to mix it up how about running outside, working out in the pool class are try a boxing class. Something to get the same effect of what cardio will do but just mixing it up is the key.
  2. Music: Find some music that will help keep you upbeat and in the mood to work out and on track. Something you enjoy listening to and not just everyday stuff.
  3. Ask For Help: There is no problem in asking for help. Doing something right yields better results than doing it wrong and not getting the full befits are none at all. If being a social person is a problem for you try joining a likeminded social network are online community that will help to support your goals.


  1. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    1. A person who studies or is an expert in nutrition.
    2. Reasons to see Nutritionist
      1. You’re working out, but not seeing results.
      2. You’ve recently been diagnosed with a food allergy, sensitivity or other related condition.
      3. You aren’t eating well, and it’s affecting your energy.
      4. You’re going through menopause and are gaining weight, despite eating well and exercising.
      5. You’re an emotional overeater, and it’s causing you to gain weight.
      6. Your weight is fluctuating.
      7. Learn how your body works with food.
  • Seeing a nutrition is a long term relationship, follow ups and blood works helps to plan how the body is handing the changes the diet plan and how to move forward in what goals you set.
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  1. Emails
    1. From: Falcon @All

Question: I'm about to change my routine from training in the evening after work to morning before I leave for work. Will there be differences in result because I won't be having breakfast before my weightlifting routine and will only eat right after that.


  1. From: OnePaw @Schred

Question: With your leg problems do you still try to focus on them and make them grow?


  1. From: StaryDoggie @Max

Question: Living in Florida has turned you from a being blue to being brown? I gist, my apologies. You been working out more lately and it has shown (in pictures you share on FurAffinity), what are your current goals?


  1. From: WastedFurry @Snow

Question: What is the best way to increase flexibility in my hamstrings? I can barely do squats.

  1. From: SaberKitty @Snow

Question: Is there anything I can do post workout to help the DOMS?


  1. From: Jabu @Max

Question: Do you have any clothing that if you wear it outside the gym is looks douchey?


  1. From: Glasses @All

Question: Somatotypes has now been disproven why still use it? I read that, “Describing yourself by one of the three somatotypes is just a limiting belief and a rationalization for failure.” Thoughts?


  1. From: ScayWolve @Snow

Question: How important is nutrient or meal timing?


  1. From: James @Schred

Question: Will doing high repetition of lighter weights help me get toned?


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