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Furry-Muscle Cast


Jul 24, 2015

Furry-Muscle Cast – 47 – Across The Board

1.       Introductions

a.       Maximus-Ursus –  The Uniform Bear!

b.      Beastly Bahamut – Is It Snowing Still?

c.       Tiptoe – Which Way Is The Right Way?

d.      Jazz Wolf – All Over The Place, Wolf.

e.      Schredded Wolf – Party Wolf?

f.        Snowheart – Studying

g.       Syn – Zen!!!

h.      Tiberious – Lifting Heavy, Tech Bear, Busy!

i.         Zak –  Freedom!!


2.       Topics

a.       High Salt Prevents Weight Gain In Mice on a High-Fat Diet

                                                               i.      From: University of Iowa Health Care

                                                             ii.      "People focus on how much fat or sugar is in the food they eat, but [in our experiments] something that has nothing to do with caloric content -- sodium -- has an even bigger effect on weight gain," say Justin Grobe, PhD, assistant professor of pharmacology at the UI Carver College of Medicine.

                                                            iii.      The UI team started the study with the hypothesis that fat and salt, both being tasty to humans, would act together to increase food consumption and promote weight gain.

                                                           iv.      To their surprise, the mice on the high-fat diet with the lowest salt gained the most weight, about 15 grams over 16 weeks, while animals on the high-fat, highest salt diet had low weight gain that was similar to the chow-fed mice, about 5 grams.

                                                             v.      "This suppression of weight gain with increased sodium was due entirely to a reduced efficiency of the digestive tract to extract calories from the food that was consumed," explains Grobe.

                                                           vi.      Summary: In a study that seems to defy conventional dietary wisdom, scientists have found that adding high salt to a high-fat diet actually prevents weight gain in mice. The findings highlight the profound effect non-caloric dietary nutrients can have on energy balance and weight gain, and suggest that public health efforts to continue lowering sodium intake may have unexpected and unintended consequences.

                                                          vii.      Link:


b.      11 Foods Scientifically Proven To Lower Your Blood Pressure

                                                               i.      Beetroot – Helps, to reduces blood pressure.

                                                             ii.      Garlic - Significantly lowers elevated blood pressure.

                                                            iii.      Fish Oil – Helps, effective treatment for high blood pressure.

                                                           iv.      Cashews and Almonds - Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 bodily process.

                                                             v.      Kale - It's loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other compounds known to help prevent disease.

                                                           vi.      Stevia - Natural sweeteners

                                                          vii.      Turmeric - Indian curry spice

                                                        viii.      Green Tea - Is so beneficial is because of its polyphenols

                                                           ix.      Green Coffee - Unroasted coffee.

                                                             x.      Vitamin K2 - Vitamin K2 helps regulate where calcium ends up in the body. It works to keep calcium in your bones, and removes it from blood vessels where it can cause arterial stiffness and calcification.

                                                           xi.      Extra-Virgin Olive Oil - Is rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and phenolic antioxidants.

                                                          xii.      Source:


c.       How Your Gym Attitude Affects Your Exercise Habits

                                                               i.      Researchers surveyed 1,552 individuals to determine their attitudes and behavior regarding exercise practices.

                                                             ii.      Of the 1,552 individuals, 989 were considered overweight or obese.

                                                            iii.      Overweight individuals had a greater belief that exercise would lead to improved appearance and self-image.

                                                           iv.      Overweight individuals felt more embarrassed and intimidated by exercise, exercising around young people, exercising around fit people and about health club sales people

                                                             v.      Overweight and normal weight individuals had the same attitudes regarding exercising with the opposite sex, using complicated exercise equipment, experiencing exercise boredom and overall intent to exercise.

                                                           vi.      The heavier the individual, the lower his perception of health and the more negative emotions he would experience in association with health club exercise—this was particularly true for Caucasian adults.

                                                          vii.      The interesting thing about this study is that both normal weight and overweight individuals had the exact same intent to exercise and held similar attitudes regarding gym equipment. The main barriers to exercise in overweight individuals were primarily due to negative attitudes regarding exercising around younger, more fit individuals

                                                        viii.      If you're simply not comfortable working out in a gym setting, you don't have to ditch exercise altogether.

                                                           ix.      Source:



3.       Emails

a.       From: Lion Heart @Jazz

Question: What is more important; content or technique?


b.      From: Whispering Hoss @Jazz

Question: I been following your Twitter for a while as well as been listening to you on FMC. For a while you haven’t been working out due to work or moving. But, here recently you talk about what made you get back in to working out. It been a while now from the time you started working out, so that is where my question lies. What keeps you motivated and pushing through the workouts? How about the day you hate the most leg day? Also, why do you hate it so much?


c.       From: Willy Scott @Jazz

Question: Been a fan of your works as well as a little of an admirer to your works as an artist. Could you explain how Thurston and is he replaced your regular wolf? I do like Thurston but would like to still see your wolf character around.  


d.      From: Kittylines @ Tiberious

Question: Hello, I plan on going in to more of the powerlifting side of weight lifting. But problems I been having is more in the chest. I just can't make it grown bigger, I'm strong in the chest area but I would like it to be bigger than flat. Help?


e.      From: Jay @All

Question: When I lift front squats I’m alright, but when I’m done with the lifting part I feel light headed. After I rest a little bit I feel alright, but should I be worry that I don’t hear of others saying the same thing are is it just me?


f.        From: Xoans @All

Question: What is the best type of footwear should I wear when working out so that it feels good?


g.       From: Kroa @Tiberious

Question: To keep your frame and stance of your look do you fine it to be right to do squats all the time when working out? If not, why, if so why as well?


h.      From: Kasz @Snowheart, Max, Tiberious

Question:  Hello gentleman, what is the best way to improve my grip strength? Background: I had some surgery on my hands to correct a problem with them. So I’m not at 100% like regular people.



i.         From: RavenClaw @Jazz & Beastly

Question:  I have been having serious art block and haven’t had the drive to draw. But I want to draw, how do I address my drive vs my head? How do you guys address this problem?


j.        From: WhiteWolf @Schredd

Question: Do you have any problems with your back, due to having a full upper built?


k.       From: ToonWolf @ Maximus-Ursus

Question: Now that you’re in sunny Florida would you consider going to “furry meets” in your area?


l.         From: Ponny @TonkaWolf

Question: I hear you like to work out chest a bunch and that you lifted up to 300lbs on bench press. First that is great news and congratulations on the feat. I wanted to know what types of workout you focus on to help grow your chest and lift that much.


m.    From: Falconmage @All

Question: A bowl of white rice or a plate of pasta, do they provide the same amount of carbs?


n.      From: Falconmage @All

Question: Heard from an article stating that if you don't work out consistently, you'll gain fat instead of muscle. Is this true?


o.      From: Anonymously (Female) @Syn & Tiptoe (Follow Up)

Question: With the current issues I have had with my husband, he is showing some support and is going to the gym sometimes but most of it is me pushing him to go. What can I do to support him to go to the gym and not come out as a person that is nagging him to much? Are, make it so that going to gym is not a negative turn off?


p.      From: Anonymously (Female) @All

Question: Hello, I’m been a listen to the podcast for over a year now. I enjoy many things about the podcast that make it fun and not just a regular workout podcast. My question to you all is with is with all the bull shit on grunting and yell? Now if your lifting heavy one putting so much stress on stuff maybe you far are grunt. People have problems with this and have a meltdown. I mean sometimes I even fart when I lift heavy, it just happens.




q.      From: Anonymously @All

Question: I go to the gym with my friend whom I like a lot. But I'm not sure if he likes me. We talk about stuff but nothing has change to show me that he likes me. Just basic friendship stuff. I'm very well a okay person but the problem is body tells to others that I like what I see. I sometimes I get a freaking hardon and preing when looking at him working out sometimes. I try to work out and not allow it to bother me, but... this issue of not sure if he likes me and my body doing stuff I don't want it to so embarrassing when people look at me but not my face. Can you help, please? I'm 19 years old and in the states.


4.       Closing Out:

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b.      You can find the show on our website as well as iTunes, Libsyn, Stitcher Radio, Blubrry, doubleTwist, Miro and many other podcast directories.

c.       You can email us at, you can also call us and leave comments are questions at 571-208-Buff (2833).

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f.        Next Furry-Muscle Cast: July 10th.