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Furry-Muscle Cast


Sep 5, 2014

Furry-Muscle Cast – 37 – Gear Switching

1.      Introductions

·         Special Guess – Braford – A well know bull of art!

·         Tonka Wolf – Black and Goal!!!

·         Maximus Ursus – @On Vaction

·         Tiptoe – Shifting at every turn.

·         Beastly Bahamut – He not just a blueberry.

·         Schredded Wolf – Hard, Heavy and always lifting.

·         Syn – Has that nice shiny look going.

·         Jazz Wolf – It only took them five months to get my couch.

·         Snowheart – @Work

·         Tiberious – @Work

·         Zak – A happy rhyno with his truck back. Finally!


2.      Topics

A.    Time with Braford

o   Questions & Chat

B.     Max & Tonka @ Megaplex

o   Add pre-recording in post, image and videos

C.     Peanut Butter Powder (Snowheart Source)

o   So, what is powdered peanut butter? It's essentially powdered peanuts that have been pressed to remove much of the oil and fats.

o   Source:

D.    Saving the spine

o   Our spine is important in everything we do in our lives. Keeping it safe while lifting for work or for a plain walk in the sun. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working out or lifting something heavy in the gym or at home.

1.      Be active. Walking, running, swimming anything, the healthier one can be.

2.      Maintain good posture. While sitting in front of a computer or doing homework keep a good posture while sitting.

3.      Work the core region. Do different core exercise that will strengthen the abs and lower back.

4.      Skipping that Military presses (where a barbell is lifted overhead), it can axially load the spinal column. Running can also be risky, he says. Just make sure you get your cardio some other way.

5.      Don’t ignore sighs. When back pain first occurs, you'll probably keep doing what you're doing; you'll try to fight through the discomfort. Stop what your doing and rest your back.

o   Source:


E.     Emails

1.      From: ManyTailsFox @SchreddedWolf

Questions: I don’t have much form in my tri’s and was having some problems getting to be more define. What exercise would you suggest would be best to target the muscle specifically?


2.      From: JohnTheFox @Tiptoe

Questions: With car racing and working in a shop how do you handle all the heat that is associated with these trades/hobbies? Do you fear from overheating?


3.      From: RedKangrooStv @Syn

Questions: How did you find yourself being a rat species?


4.      From: James B. @Beastly Bahamut

Questions: Do you enjoy drawing more in a digital environment or on a sketch pad? Why do you like about them that make you choose one over the other.


5.      From: Florida Wolf @JazzWolf

Questions: Hi Jazz! I believe I saw you at Megaplex. I been busy doing a lot of things with friends and didn’t get a moment to say hi. Now I wanted to know, do you enjoy the Florida city life compare to the trip you took to Cali.? I find it to be enjoyable even it does get humid a lot.


F.     Closing Out:

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