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Furry-Muscle Cast


Mar 30, 2014

Furry-Muscle Cast – 32 – The Next Steps

1.       Introductions:

·         Maximus Ursus – The Purple Butt Bear!

·         Tiptoe – Brown, Purple, Bear Head?

·         Beastly Bahamut – So blue that I have to!

·         Schredded Wolf – Muscles! Weights! LIFT!!!

·         Syn – Finding the inner rat, meep?!

·         Jazz Wolf – Sir Jazz of the art!

·         Snowheart – So heart, now Terra!? :O

·         Zak – Broken Truck, Sick College Rhino!


2.       Topics:

A.      The Next Steps

·         Found a gym

·         Enlist Help – Personal Trainers

·         Keeping up record progress – Written down or on smart devices

·         Train Diligently

·         Nutrition

·         Sleep

·         Stay Patient – Progress will come but, if a plateau is reach than the current routine needs to change as the body has adapt to the routine.

B.      Protein

·         Powders vs Food Protein?

o   Powders are easy to absorb, but whole foods such as eggs, diary, fowl, read mean and fish are good sources of different amino acid profiles.

·         Protein needs are static

o   To gain muscle mass keeping the protein intake perday the same helps to keep things to grow.

·         How much?

o   For every pound of bodyweight one has, they should be taking one gram of protein.


C.      Exercise vs Training

·         Training has primary goals; Exercise is just doing the activity.

·         Training has smaller specific goals.

·         Training  focuses on week points and fundamentals.

·         Training is efficient

·         Training uses stats


3.       E-Mails/Phone Calls:

A.      From: Falcon Mage @All

Question: What are your thoughts on fat burners? I have heard from others that fat burners are a waste of money and could be invested elsewhere. I know that fat burners are just a simple supplement that helps you in your workout but is it optimal?


B.      From: Horny Wolf @Max

Question: The suite that you just posted to furaffinity with, what happens if you like rip a hole in the butt and were in a public place? Are even when you have to go to the bathroom does it become a murr suite? How would it work with being oil up in it to get out and in better?


C.      From: Old Wise Owl (OWO) @Beastly

Question: I follow you on twitter and saw that you posted a picture that you took a while back as an update. Do you plan to post something is more recent, say the last few days and not a few years old? I like to see how your progress of your lower body is going with your leg from your motorcycle accident and such.


D.      From: CyberWolves @Jazz

Question:  I read your twitter feed and see the joys that you have on some days and I find them funny to read. My question is more on the tech side, do you think Ruby on Rails is worth learning?


E.       From: Platypus-Down Under @All

Question: When trying to stress out your muscles and break them down what types of DOMS do you all get?

Zak’s Notes: DOMS = Delayed onset muscle soreness; Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), also called muscle fever, is the pain and stiffness felt in muscles several hours to days after unaccustomed or strenuous exercise.


F.       Phone Call: From Phoenix, Arizona

Question: Yeah. Yes. Hello, my first I'm calling in the year. And yeah, I'm sure exactly what I should ask but. I was really your your part. S. Provide to incident. I really like listening to them. You guys Yes, good information. Bye. So if you will. I guess just give me a shout out to you guys. Zak, especially year old cooler one, yeah Yeah, Yeah, I'm just yo. Penny Miller from you guys will say what you say. Dan just. Yes, Yeah, I was Grasso, I'm just yeah trying. There's a little while, you know, most, Wow. That's what I'm doing right now. There's try to get shape and Yeah guys are gonna inspiration. So if you have a good working. Have a good day. I guess.


G.     From: Zeeb @All

When it comes to taking supplements, how do you go about gauging the time to start? Is it better to start at the time you start working out, or is it better to introduce them later on?


4.       Closing Out:

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