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Furry-Muscle Cast


Jan 16, 2014

Furry-Muscle Cast – 30 – New Year Cast!


1.     Introductions:

§  Guest Host – Ciruan – Thor! & Muscle

§  Maximus Ursus – Frozen Bear of the North.

§  Tiptoe – Tourniqueting and racing through lift!

§  Beastly Bahamut – Trucking in the blue.

§  Schredded Wolf – Weights, Snow, Play?

§  Syn – My heavenly saint of white.

§  Jazz Wolf – Coding over running! Error

§  Snowheart – Snowflakes and glitter with sparkles!

§  Zak – Waiting for the weather to make up its mind.


2.     Topics:

A.      Holidays

§  Christmas

§  New Years

§  Surviving the chill of hell (US Deep Freeze Late December/Early January)


B.      Workout Music -

§  Science proves this works.

§  Best type of music to work out to is between 120 – 140 bpm.

§  What are the Cast’s music they listen to when working out?

§  Source:


C.      Restart - 2014

§   New Year resolutions are a great idea but fail.

·         People are motivate but not in the right way.

·         Get caught up in all of the mass at work are with crowds.

§  Truth – Resolutions are great for self-assess, in truth changing something is a yearlong progress and resolutions are good stepping stone in the direction of what a person is trying to do. BUT, only if they really see that it is that and not a phat that will wear out at the start of February.

§   Rules:

·         1. Don’t make too many resolutions at once.

·         2. Set (Very) specific goals.

·         3. Focus on the Carrort, Not the Stick – i.e. Instead of focusing on the weight lost for a day, look at that you lost overall for that week and how closer to your goal you are.

·         Friends and Family – Be in communication with people whom will be a positive feedback to your doing. They will be your a support group that you didn’t know you even have.


3.     E-Mails/Phone Calls:

A.      From: Hux Bear @All

Question: Do you have any thoughts on the "super-slow exercise" resistance training format?


Question: Do you have any suggestions for sharing diet & exercise motivation with partners/loved-ones?


Question: Cheat day? Cheat meal? Cheat WEEK? Be saint-like and *never* "cheat"? What works best for you?


Question: How necessary (truly) are all the various supplements, or are they a convenience (or a kick-start'er)?


B.      From: Tibortiger @All

Question: Failure to train to failure?


Question: I've got one of those multi-station home gym systems with a 12 plate stack so I'm limited to the amount of weight in the stack.  For some exercises such as low cable rows or bench press I'm never really sure if I'm really at failure or if I'm just getting tired.  I can do a 5x5 on the full stack but it feels like fatigue instead of failure.  Any suggestions about what should I do, without the obvious answer of join a gym to get heavier weights?  More reps?  Slower reps?


Question: what do you guys think of suspension training systems?  I'm space constrained at home so they sound great but should I believe all the hype?


C.      From: Mwalimu @All

Question: What is your opinion on the 5x5 Lifting Regime?

·         Notes: My Rationale:  This is now my fifth month with the weights and I think it is now time for me to stress the large muscles rather than focussing on weight/fat loss.  I have already reached my weight-loss goal, and now want to focus on putting on muscle for a couple of months, before re-evaluating my waistline.

·         To begin with, the principal of 5x5 is obvious, five reps each set for five sets.

·         As for the exercises done, the 5x5 method recommends working each body part at least twice a week.

·         Compound Exercises


Question: Now that I have reached my goal-weight I have been spending the last few weeks slowly altering my weight-loss diet to a maintenance diet. Having started the 5x5 Program, I am now seriously hungry, several times during the day. I  have been adding protein powder (often just eating it right out of the tub) and assorted nuts for my mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, and adding more meat/fish and a small amount of carbs to my breakfast and supper meals.  I deliberately alter the diet slowly in order to see how the body will react. It seems to make sense to me to feed the muscles for a couple of months, without focusing on fat-loss, but I don’t want the fat to return during these muscle months.  Am I taking the right approach?


D.     From: Blackwolf @ Schredded Wolf

Question: I lack some gains in my lift and try to push myself. But what been keeping me back is my fear of injuring myself and have to put myself progress behind and not forward. When do I “feel” that the weight is in my range to do it safety, any tips?


E.      From: Anonymous @ Tiptoe

Question: Would you drive a mustang or a hummer if it was a car choice? Why, if you did?


F.      From: Anonymous @Max

Question: Will you be doing full leather gear on your fursuite? I see you talk much about it but don’t see you ever have all gear on. Well see from images you post.



G.      From: Trees @Snowheart

Question: Why did you choose to do EMT area? Does this field impact your workout routie?


H.     From: OneEye @Snowheart

Question: I have injury my wrist and had to get corrected surgery. I wish to start to lift heavy soon but hard to grip things right now. Any exercise that you know of that could help strength them?   


4.     Closing Out:

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