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Furry-Muscle Cast


Nov 20, 2013

Furry-Muscle Cast – 28 – MidWest Furfest Bound!

1.      Introductions:

§  Guest Host – Syn – So hairless that you can see your own face in his ass butt, or is it just shiney.

§  Guest Host - Sinabu - Walking likl an Eyptian! (Song Reference)

§  Guest Host - Seher – Ooooo, so much muscle!

§  Maximus Ursus – The New Bear is Blue.....hairy chest!

§  Tiptoe – Just 10 seconds!, come on!, come on!! Great job tho!

§  Beastly Bahamut – Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it blue!!!

§  Schredded Wolf – Veins!! More Veins!!

§  Jazz Wolf – The eyes....oh yes the eyes

§  Snowheart – Cat and Dogs! Loves, abound!

§  Zak – Just busy! Very busy!!


2.      Cast Follow-Ups:

§  Tiptoe –

o   Rat Party

o   Rat Race - Road America


§  Max –

o   Want to be Bango

o   Crushing Reviews

o   Boo at the Zoo


§  Sinabu –

o   Weight Lost

o   2, 4, 6 Weeks…2 Months, huh?!

o   Keto Diet

o   Plushies?


3.      Topics:

A.      Overgrowth

·         Overgrowth is a 3d action-adventure game for Mac, Windows, and Linux, coming soon from the independent game studio, Wolfire Games.



B.      FDA Trans-Fat Ban

·         An unsaturated fatty acid of a type occurring in margarines and manufactured cooking oils as a result of the hydrogenation process.

·         Trans-Fat can cause Atherosclerosis - Hardening of the arteries.

·         Source:


C.      MidWest Furfest

·         Everybody’s Plan

·         Furry-Muscle: Group-Gym (F-M:GG): A group of furs going to Lifetime Fitness.

·         Friday – 22th – 6:00PM 


4.      E-Mails/Phone Calls:

A.      From: HonryWolf @Max

Question: Does your fursuite have “holes” in it?


B.      From: Anonymous @Tiptoe

Question: Why a rat?


C.      From: Anonymous @Schredded Wolf

Question: Is your chest one of the main points of muscles you’re trying to get the biggest? If, so why? If, not what other muscle do you want to be the biggest?


D.     From: Rainbow Wolf @Snowheart

Question: With you becoming an EMT, why do you choose that path from being a personal trainer? I thought the fitness area would be something you want to be doing more of?


E.      From: GriffinHorn @Beastly Bahamut

Question: I was in a motorcycle accident that smashes my left foot and I'm in rehab currently. Any tips you can give me to help my leg as I heard you had problems in something similar happen to you a while back.


5.      Closing Out:

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