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Furry-Muscle Cast


Aug 16, 2013

Furry-Muscle Cast – 25 – End of Summer!


1.     Introductions:


1.      Maximus Ursus – As Seen As Con!

2.      Tiptoe – Mr. Fixer of the racer!

3.      Beastly Bahamut – Still the same blue like before.

4.      Schreeded Wolf – The wolf of bodybuilding!

5.      Jazz Wolf –The hot wolf in Florida.

6.      Snow – Always fighting the sickness that comes!

7.      Zak – Very tired rhyno!


2.     Topics –

a.      Getting Back to it! (Busy People)

                                                               i.      Look at your time frame in a week and try to identify a 15 to 45 minute time frame that can be made to put in a workout.

                                                             ii.      If a gym can’t be access tailor your workout to what is around you. Example – Workouts at home, outside country workouts.

                                                           iii.      Keep in mind that one is going for quality over quantity when doing this.

                                                           iv.      If time is tight then do mini work outs.

1.      Try sitting up straight, contracting, and then releasing your stomach muscles the next time you’re stuck in traffic.

2.      Want to work on those legs at work? Squeeze your thighs together and hold while you’re sitting at your desk at work. No one will even know you're doing it!

                                                             v.      Be prepared – Have workout gear in a convenient place. If one doesn’t have gear, the most one would need is shoes that are only for working out. The reason for this is that it keeps the base of the shoes balance and not worst out. Common everyday shoes get wear out faster and your feet are use to the shape and arch of the shoe. Having the padding in the show helps to support the foot more.


b.     Male Ideal

                                                               i.      What drive us on a daily basically and male perfection?

                                                             ii.      How does one change it in life to do same goal?


3.     Emails & Voicemails:

                                                              i.      Everybody – From: Monsterbait

Hey Zak, been listening to the FMC for a little while now, I was introduced by Snowheart, pretty cool guy! I just wanted to say thanks for putting this out there with your team of friends!

There have been a lot of helpful and insightful tips and tricks. I have been working out for years and not quite getting the results I want but also very happy with my body anyway. I dont really have any goals and I think that might be my Platue problem. But I go to the gym very often and push myself. The only real goal I had was to be bigger for all the photo projects and art that I do and that has been shaping up finally! After the podcast

I seem to really only have more and more questions. Cutting and scuplting? I wanna trim fat but hate the cardio! Rex "Snowheart" Sais the best thing was consistancy. Anyway I just wanted to say awesome job and cant wait to hear more

4.     Closing Remarks:

a)     We can’t do the show with you, the listeners!

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g)     Next Furry-Muscle Cast: September – 13th