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Furry-Muscle Cast


Jan 7, 2016

Furry-Muscle Cast – 52 – Before the Rush

1.       Introductions

a.       Guess - Tibor Tiger - Cardio Kitty!

b.      Maximus-Ursus – Cooking Burr! (Maybe)

c.       Beastly Bahamut – Away

d.      Tiptoe – Planning for the Tip of the World!

e.      Jazz Wolf – Bou(ing) coffee all the time?

f.        Schredded Wolf – Can’t Life, Leave!

g.       Snowheart – Away

h.      Syn – So Rat-ness!

i.         Tiberious – Awy

j.        Zak – Crazy Cyber Rhyno!


2.       Topics

a.       MWFF 2015 – Plans

-          Highlight any events are focus anybody be doing while at the convention.

b.      Tips of Thanksgivings

-          With Thanksgiving in about two weeks there a lot of stuff to watch out for. One thing to keep in mind is that while others are not on a workout plan, you are. Watching what one eats is a good place to stay focus on, not saying one shouldn’t eat that special dish, just keep a few points in mind while doing so.

-          1. Don’t let yourself not eat all day for a big buffet later on. – Skipping meals lowers one metabolism, as well as eating a big gigantic meal.

-          2. When eating load up on meat and vegetables – Eat less starches and more high-fats items such as green bean casseroles and candied yams.

-          3. Eat Turkey, Go Skinless – Lose the skin and eat more meat.

-          Some Examples:

-          Turkey: Roasted, With Skin; Calories: 208; Protein: 54%; Carbs: 0%; Fat: 42%

-          Turkey: Dark Meat, No Skin; Calories: 187; Protein: 61%; Carbs 39%; Fat: 35%

-          4. Drink More Water, Less Coffee and/or Alcohol

-          In addition to filling you up a little more with your meal, drinking water will ensure that you stay hydrated, and flush out some of that excess sodium that you will be eating.

-          5. Eat Slow - Eating slower, taking smaller bites, and putting your utensils down in between bites will ensure that your body lets you know when it is full, rather than letting you overstuff yourself too early on.

-          7. Weight Maintenance, Rather Than Weight – Weight lost is not a major priority, but keeping weight maintenance is the focus.

-          8. Skip The Crust. Just One Serving - When eating pie, eat the filling part and leave the crust, to save on some empty calories.

-          Source:

c.       Thanksgiving Nutrition Tips

-          Highlights of good and bad stuff during Thanksgiving.

-          Good Low-Calorie Ideas


·         Turkey

·         Broccoli

·         Green Beans

·         Low-sugar sauce/jelly

·         Egg whites

·         Sugar-free yams

·         Celery

·         Cucumbers in vinegar

·         Onions

·         Mushrooms

·         Brussel sprouts

·         Green salads

·         Zucchini

·         Apples

·         Lean white meat or fish soups

·         Yellow squash

·         Spinach

·         Unsalted nuts

·         Avocado

·         Fresh tomato

·         Unsweetened teas

·         Coffee without cream

·         Pears



-          Bad Low-Calorie Ideas


·         Sweet potato casserole

·         Deviled eggs

·         Cranberry sauce/jelly

·         Candied yams

·         Celery with cream cheese

·         Pecan pie

·         Store-bought breads

·         Stuffing or dressing

·         Corn

·         Baked beans

·         Ham or red meat

·         Peas or couscous

·         Glazed carrots

·         Honey-glazed ham

·         Twice-baked potatoes or mashed

·         Pasta, hot or cold

·         Cream-based soups or chowders

·         Potato salad

·         Cashews

·         Cheese

·         Pita wraps

·         Creamy salad dressings

·         Sodas

·         Gravy

·         Alcohol

·         Crackers


  1. Tibortiger Review – Heart Monitor
    • Name of Product
    • Links to smart technologies and logs data.
    • Uploads to server for later review.
  2. Emails
    1. From: Falconmage @All

Question: Is there a difference between working out 5 days in a week for an hour compared to 3 days in a week for two hours? Which works best between the two?

(Shawn Arent, an exercise scientist at Rutgers University. There was a huge difference between working out two and three days a week. While any amount of exercise is an improvement over none at all, if you're already in decent shape, exercising for just two days a week will not get you much additional benefit.)



  1. From: BlackDog @Schredded Wolf

Question: Every 10 days I cave-in, which don't seem that bad. Any idea on how frequently should I cave if I want to be more on a bodybuilding level?


  1. From: KittyOfTheNorth @Schredded Wolf

Question: I learn that training all muscle groups sequentially is the best way to keep the blood pumping. But for some reason this doesn't seem right, I am wrong?


  1. From: NorthStary @All

Question: What is the best way to get definition in my outer calves? I ask because I see more definition in my outer calf than my inner ones.


  1. From: BlackDawn @Jazz

Question: How did you start drawing art and what keeps you drawing?


  1. From: Southpolar Bear @Jazz

Question: Is there any advice you could give on long distance bike riding?


  1. From: Hamster @All

Question: I just started going back to the gym recently. Any idea on what I could do to increase Pull-Ups?


  1. From: Claws @All

Question: I have been weight training for a few weeks now. I have seen improvements and wanted to track my workout and diet. What suggests would the Cast give?


  1. From: Steven @Tiptoe

Question: I only sleep for about five hours a night and have little to no sleep (Its just how I function). I feel like I have no energy and no motivation. What can I do to boost my physically and mind back in to gaining muscle and wanting to get back in the gym?


  1. From: FoxxyFlorida @Syn

Question: Do you take any vitamins are supplements before you work out?


  1. From: Wolfmoon @Max

Question: I know being tall has it problems, what seems to be the most problems for you when working out are your goals?




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