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Furry-Muscle Cast


Oct 2, 2013

Furry-Muscle Cast – 26 – Rats Abound, Olympia & Questions

(Due to computer virus this show was episode dead.)


1.      Introductions:

Ø  Guest Host – Nexus – The comic master.

Ø  Guest Host – Syn –Rat….more rats…*sigh*

Ø  Maximus Ursus – Con-ing all the way with a paw on his butt

Ø  Tiptoe – Cheese…yes…cheese…diet?

Ø  Beastly Bahamut – Blue and still ripping his clothes!

Ø  Schreeded Wolf – Still pumping that iron 24/7

Ø  Jazz Wolf – He has yet to go nuclear with the new IOS8…yet!

Ø  Snowheart – Going to be saving people in the ER or French kissing you it’s!

Ø  Zak – Even more busy with college.



2.      News:

-          New drug mimics the beneficial effects of exercise (Gym Rats) (20-25 Minutes)

§  Drug SR9009

§  Under development at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI)

§  Shows to increase the metabolic activity of skeletal muscle of mice.

§  Treaded mice became lean, develop large muscles can run much longer distance.

§  If the effect can be obtained in people, reversal of obesity, metabolic syndrome and perhaps Type-II diabetes.

§  The replies where on both side of the road. For and against the drug the pros and cons for people and what doors it could open for people whom are drug addicts, trying to get an “edge.”

§  What are the thoughts of this from the Cast and chat room?

§  Source:



3.      Main Topics:

A.     Breathing During Exercises - (15 – 20 Minutes)

§  When working out breathe properly is a major key to helping provide oxygen to your muscles and cardio system.

§  People don’t use their lungs to fill capacity; people just use 10% to 15% of their actual lung capacity.

§  Becoming more aware of one’s breathing can help feel comfortable and prevent complications and get more of one’s workout.

§  Cardio – During cardiovascular exercise try to breathe deeply. Make a conscious effort to keep breathing both deep and relax.

§  Strength Training – When weight training people tendency to hold their breath during strenuous activity. When in the rep, don’t hold your breath just breath. Fitness experts say to exhale on the exertion phase (hardest phase) and inhale on the easier phase.



§  Stretching – Helps to relax the body so it can go back to a resting state after a workout. It also helps aid the mechanical removal of waste byproducts of exercises. 

§  Source:



B.      Mr. Olympia - (20 – 35 Minutes)

§  The Olympia is the best of the best in bodybuilding and a focus point for many that are hardcore in to the sport.

§  Competitors qualify for entry to the Olympia through season contests which reward points for place standing in each contest.

§  Picture will be stream on LiveStream when we go over each one. Please remember to have LivesStream on mute.

§  Source:



2013 Mr. Olympia Qualified as of 9-13-2013

Schreeded Wolf’s Pick


Abbaspour, Baitollah




Beyeke, Lionel




Centopani, Evan




Curry, Brandon




Cutler, Jay




Elssbiay, Mamdouh




Freeman, Toney




Greene, Kai




Heath, Phil




Jackson, Dexter




Jackson, Johnnie




Kuclo, Steve




Martinez, Victor

Dominican Republic



McMillan, Cedric




Obaid, Essa




Pakulski, Ben




Piotrkowicz, Robert




Rhoden, Shawn




Warren, Branch




Winklaar, Roelly




Wolf, Dennis




C.      Proper Technique

§  Proper techniques will aid in maximizing ones strength, lose fat, muscle tone and bone density.

§  When first learning to do exercises; it be on the machine or free weights. Lift an appropriate amount of weight and go through the motion of the exercise slowly and pay attention what your body is doing.

§  Make mind notes of where your body is position through the motion of the workout.  If your body should be against the seat and it not at the point in the workout. So next time when doing the workout makes sure the body is push against the seat to get the full extent of the workout.

§  Just like the first subject breathing is a key as well. Don’t hold your breath and keep focus and keep deep breaths.

§  Don’t rush through the exercise; you may injury yourself .

§  If you feel pain while doing the exercise stop and try it again a few days and lower the weight.

§  Play attention to some people in the gym and how their forms are. Look up and read information about the exercise your about to do.

§  Learn how to do the exercise correctly and ask questions people are more helpfully then you many think.

§  Last thing would be shoes! – Shoes help to keep traction and help to stability one feet and ankles.

§  Source:


4.      Emails:

§  From 5Razor - All

Question: I'm from Asia and I've been trying to lose weight. So, one thing I gotta fix is my diet. Since, most of food intake is rice here, how should I change it?


§  From Wolfone – To Schreeded Wolf

Question: Would you explain why you pick a wolf as a character to be in the furry universe?


§  From Hornywolf – Max

Question: With pecs and all you see in the gym do you ever get a hard on from watching them? Do you have to an fantasies or anything? Would you mind sharing some of them?


§  From Anonymous – Max & Tiptoe

Question: Hello gentles, it been a while since you both gotten your fursuites / head. I wanted to know what parts do you dislike about your fursuite and how would you make it better. Also, how about your builders did you find someone else you may go with?





§  BlueDragon – All

Question: Hello Cast, hope you all are doing well. I wanted to know if you be having a panel or doing something at a convention officially? My second question is what conventions will you all be going to?


§  Lady – Jazz

Question: I would guess by now you have read about the Cintiq Companion. I have done my own research and gotten my own point of view on it, but I wanted to get your thoughts of the product. Because you are in the design world with your job how would this make it better for you as work tool? How about your private drawing life, how would this aid you in drawing Jazz on Jazz chain up porn and stuff?


§  Rattrap – Tiptoe

Question – I saw your post about your diet, what key points did you fail at in your diet? How are you going to change your diet base on the new information you learn from your doctor? If you never ate cheese ever again what would you do?



  1. Reminders , Notices:

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6.      Closing Out: 

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