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Furry-Muscle Cast


May 9, 2013

Due to some real life issue there will be no FMC in May, we be back on June 14th!

Furry-Muscle Cast – 22 – In Progress

1.     Introductions:

a.       Maximus Ursus – Bacon is his super power!

b.      Tiptoe – He mean and strong, but yet he can paint flower on cars! Flower powers active!

c.       Beastly Bahamut – Keep him away from clothing that is not nylon.

d.      Schreeded Wolf – He big and bad, that why he is Schreeded Wolf.

e.       Jazz Wolf – Smelling from clutch burn it’s the wolf of fizz tummy.

f.        Snow – You find him around the corner of the local bar server up a drinks. For a few dollars more he give you the “special” of the night.

g.       Zak – Just a busy rhino from work and college.


2.     Topics –

a.      Death - Joe Weider – Old age

b.     Death - Nasser El-Sonbaty - Heart failure and kidney damage.

c.      Current Workout

                                                              i.      What is everybody’s current workout and why?

                                                           ii.      What is the heaviest everybody has lifted in this workout?

d.     Gym Life

                                                              i.      Each gym has its own things are run. Are they good or bad?

                                                           ii.      What parts of the gym do you hate?

e.      Gym Etiquette

                                                              i.      What are the basic rules for each of you?

                                                           ii.      What are ones that just get under your skin?

                                                         iii.      What improvements do you think can be added?


3.     Emails & Voicemails

·         Max

1.      From: JessieWolf – With your goals becoming closer what is your long term goals going to be for the future? Is your age going to be a factor in your choice? Also, I want to follow up with how big do you want to get and will you start to take more supplements are just stay at the plateau you will going to be reaching soon?

2.      From: JamesTBear – I been following you for a while, just reading your journals and thinking what you been doing. With the “furry” world and such how much better do you think it can be? I mean I read so much B.S. on artist pmsing and this person causing drama. Do you think small places like you and the group helps to support the sides of the fandom that others don’t?

3.      From: HonryWolf – Well Max, we meet again. If I could cover you in bacon and lick you all over would you? Would this MidWest Furfest be okay?

·         Tip

1.      From: Anonymous – What with the fear of taking pictures? I think you look pretty good so far from what I heard you done. What has been the issue with the new gym you guys go to? Max looks like he having fun but it seems like there is something with it from your point of view, well at least from what I can read.

2.      From: Foxxiz – How long have you been building small model cars?

·         Schred

1.      From: Smallwolf – I been having a problem building up my chest, any suggestions you could give?

2.      From: Anonymous – From what I can tell you don’t like cardio. But do you do some type of it to help lose weight and gain some bulk? Do you plan on doing any contest down the road?

3.      From: RedBird – I saw in your videos that you done that you listen to older types of music. I find them to be interesting at most. But, what makes it so interesting to you? Where you raise on this music from your family? Can you talk a little about you growing up, working out in school and such?

·         Beastly

1.      From: DragonWong – Do you do OC’s and such with people? If so think you can give me some tips?

2.      From: Droolz – So you rip clothes off, is that a lot of money you have to pay for your new ones? Can I help rip someone else off?

3.      From: HornyWolf: I be following up with Max next but, what been going on with your workouts lately? Haven’t seen a post or follow up from you for a few months.

·         Zak

1.      From: FurryDownUnder – Things been quite lately on Furrymuscle will the rest of the Cast post some things on there?

·         Jazz

1.      From: HornyWolf – Well hello looks like you’re in my neck of the woods now that you move down to Florida. Would you be going to any meet up in the area? How can you handle all this weather when you have all this winter fur still?


4.     Closing Remarks:

a)     We can’t do the show with you, the listeners!

b)     Thank you for taking the time to rate us on iTunes or Thumbs us up at Stitcher.

c)      You can email us at

d)     You can call us and leave comments are questions on out phone line at 571-208-BUFF (2833).

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f)       You can find show notes, pictures, links and many other materials at our main website www.Furry-Muscle.Org

g)     Next Furry-Muscle Cast: June – 14th