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Furry-Muscle Cast


Jan 20, 2013


Guess Co-Host

  Tremorwolf - - (Something Came Up | Next Month)

Exatron -

Interview Time – Ryuakira - (Post Editing)



1.      Introductions – (Picture 1)

a.       Introduce our co-host;

                                                              i.      Explain who they are.

                                                            ii.      Expand on what their backgrounds are in the Furry world.

                                                          iii.      What with them all and future plans.

b.      How has everyone be since last Cast show?


2.      GYM FAIL! Weirdest exercise ever!! From Leolion13 (Video: Gym Fail


3.      Totally Sidetrack (Video: Fishing Mine!)


4.      Spring Chickens

                                                              i.      Choose an obtainable goal.

                                                            ii.      Avoid choosing a resolution that you’ve been unsuccessful at achieving year after year.

                                                          iii.      Create a game plan.

                                                          iv.      Break it down and make it less intimidating

                                                            v.      Ask friends and family members to help you so you have someone to be accountable to

                                                          vi.      Reward yourself with each milestone.

                                                        vii.      Don’t go it alone! Get professional assistance.

                                                      viii.      Limit your number of promises.


5.      Beach Press Techniques (Fight!) –

a.       (BP1 Correct, BP2 Wrong, BP3 Chest Touch and BP-Video)

b.      For a lot of people when ever they hear the words “arch” and “bench press” in the same sentence they automatically cringe. There is a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way to arch for doing a bench press. One should never arch your lower back but your upper back. That’s is what rest on the bench, try to simply maintain your natural curvature in your lower back.

c.       Issues – Touching the chest or hover right above it.

d.      Issues – Bend at a 90 angle or not?








1.      From: Mataeus:


Heya Musclecast

   Mataeus, the bunny from New Mexico here. I had a few questions for you guys about routines. I've been seeing some pretty decent results on the muscle groups I've been focusing on, except for one thing: arms. My goal is mass and definition, but I don't feel that I have gotten much of either on this respect. I was wondering if you guys had some tips for routine on arms. What sorts of exercises do you find work best? What about working tertiary muscles, like the rotator cuff, etc? Similarly, what do you recommend for the front of the deltoid?

   This other question is about cardio. I am REALLY bad about this, since I almost never work on it. I do want to get into the pool, though, since they had a really nice one both at my university and at the gym that I frequent. Splashing around is a lot more fun than running on an elliptical anyway. What kind of routine or what kind of methods can you suggest for someone who wants to do a bit of card, but still pack on mass?


2.      From: Falconmage


I'd like to hear from others about a proper cutting phase routine and whatnot. Perhaps you could give some advise or some sort? If I'm in a cutting phase, should I go high on cardio and slightly reduce on weightlifting intensity? Should I cut down on protein and immediately drop to a low calorie deficit?


3.      From CrashB

I've got a few questions if you can get to them. I've heard various arguments for whether you should stretch before versus after lifting. Which do you do and why? Do you do any cardio before or after lifting? If so, for how long? I've had people tell me to do 6-10 minutes before (enough to work up a sweat), 20+ after, or both.



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