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Furry-Muscle Cast


Jul 31, 2012

FMC Episode - 13 - One Year Anniversary Announcement

Guess Cohost

-          Lyonlover -

-          ChocolateMuscle -

-          Snowheart -

-          Korkem -


Cast Agenda

Ø  Introductions – 10|30 minutes

v  Main Host – What new from last Cast.

v  Guess CoHost

§  Give a brief background of yourself.

§  Any highlights you like to say quickly.

Ø  First Prize – 5 minutes

v  Question:

v  Answer:

Ø  Main Topics – 30|40 minutes

v  One year progress from one year ago, main host.

v  Living a life of a bodybuilder.

§  Diet

§  Good Points

§  Bad Points

§  Emotion Standpoint

§  Mindset

v  Too many parties and summer fun. Trying to get back on track to working out.

·         Weaning off the bad food.

·         Changing habits from bad to good.

·         Staying focus.

v  Hydration – Keeping hydrated during hot days.

§  Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

§  Gatorade?

§  Other ways to make water taste good.

·         Add fresh fruits.

·         Use juice.

·         Drink Tea - Other than taste is great stuff in it for you.

§  Water favors add-ons.

Ø  Second Price – 5 minutes

v  Question:

v  Answer: Calibri


Ø  Artist Talk:

v  NFC (Near Field Communication) Tags

§  Pros

§  Cons

§  Versus QR (Quick Response Code) Tags

Ø  Questions

v  Matt Ask: I'm wanting to shed a couple pounds and slim down before bulking up. I want to put some mass on me, but mostly strength. I used to lift weights a bit in high school, but I've grown lazy in college, and also lack a gym buddy to go with, so I don't even bother going. Now I've lost my flat stomach, lost the strength I used to have, and am getting tired of looking like I do. I really want to do this the right way, but I don't know where to begin. I know how to lift, I just don't know when/how much/how often/how to eat right/etc. What can a guy like me do to get back into shape?

Ø  End of Line

v  E-Mail:

v  Phone: 571-208-BUFF (2833)

v  Main Site:

 For co-host pictures, show notes, and direct download of the podcast please visit the FMC forums @