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Furry-Muscle Cast


Apr 8, 2012

Guess Co-Host- Tremor Wolf


1.      When and how often to work out?

2.      Warming Up? The do’s and don’ts.

3.      Goal: Goal setting, realistically and non-realistically.

4.      Soreness VS. Injury


Art Topics!

1.      Issues about getting off the ground from art block.

2.      When the muse hits what does one do to get it all done.

3.      Digital vs. Tradition



1.      From: Bailiff

Question: What suggestions do they have for someone with serious trouble increasing his upper arm mass? I've tried the various exercises

described in books and magazines, with little to show for it.


2.      From:  Ragetiger

Question: What's the benefits and disadvantages to home gyms over gyms like Balley's LA fitness and others like them.


3.      From: Moon-Baby

Question: What are some of the ways bodybuilding has changed your life? any of the positives or even negatives if there are any


4.      From: FalconMage

Question: I'm concern slightly on the issue of gym and work, both at the same time. Is there and advise for that? I've heard from others that one could cut out in between rest or perhaps do a full body workout. Is this possible and what's the best routine for it?