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Furry-Muscle Cast


Dec 26, 2011

Muscle Podcast #6: A trip to the gym – Musclefurs In Action At A Furcon.

Chest (and some arms) day, because everyone loves training chest!

  schreddedwolf,   tiptoe,   zakrhyno,   maximus-ursus  and special guest   holliehyena went to Lifetime Fitness while at Midwest Fur Fest 2011. Zak and Hollie took video and pictures of the training session for us to use on the podcast and discuss the experience.

3-5 sets of increasing weight each set.

Flat bench – free weights

Incline bench – free weights

Isometric decline presses – machine

Flat bench dumbbell presses – free weights

Dumbbell rows – free weights

Seated cable crossovers – machine

Elliptical machine – cool-down

Not everyone did all of the exercises or 5 sets of each exercise. Max and Tiptoe followed each other around a lot, since they are used to training together regularly. Schredd was in his zone and trained by himself a lot – mainly because he lifts so much more weight than everyone else, so working in with anyone requires taking off and putting on a lot of plates. Everyone took turns spotting him for practice.

Group discussion: Answer questions from the fans and talk about doing the exercises.

Cast discussions:

What is it like training with other the furs?

- Have each talk about their experience in the gym and why they wanted to be there.

Why do you train?

Schredd – training to compete

Tiptoe, Zak and Hollie – training to lose weight

Maximus – training to add mass and lose fat

  jazzwolf and   zeusralo - Add commentary as you wish along the way.

Answer other fan mail. 

Main Youtube Channel


Gym1 – Tiptoe on Incline Bench Press warm-up set.


Gym4 – Why a spotter is important.


Gym9 – Hollie getting in there and lifting with the Big Boys.


Gym10 – Training together. Working upper pecs on iso decline press machine.


Gym13 – Finishing training chest with flat bench dumbbell presses.


Gym15 – Cooling down with some cardio. Good for warm-ups too.


Gym16 – Pushing to failure – training with heavy weights to increase bulk.


Gym18 – Doing drop-sets at the end of training. What are they, how do they help.


Gym21 – Knowing your limits. Max can’t press 95# dumbbells at the end of training.


Gym23 – Tiptoe having some fun posing for the fans.


Gym25 – Max training to failure with 80# presses at the end of the session.


Max3 – Zak asked Max to do a little shirtless flexing back in the room. Schredd could talk about proper posing.


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If you have questions for the cast, please respond to this journal so we can answer them for you. I will be linking the videos as soon as they are in a publically-accessible location so everyone can watch and ask questions about them as well. Also, although the podcast is live via Skype, we still only have the cast on the call. Hopefully we can make the show at some point where other furs can call in, but we just can't do it yet. The show already runs several hours long and it takes Zak quite a while to get the editing done to a reasonable level and posted into iTunes.


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On behalf of the Furry Muscle team, thanks for the support and keep being awesome!



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