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Furry-Muscle Cast


Sep 18, 2011

Show Notes:

FMC Episode - 03 - Mr. Olympia and Music...huh?

Off Season & Contest Preparation

Guess Host: Korkem

Off Season
- What is off season and the main time for it (i.e. Jan., June, Aug.)

Lee Priest Off Season:

- Different in on season and off season.
- Main Focus while in off season.
- Nutrition while in off season.
- Different in training techniques
- Routine Samples - Can you come up with something for this Schred?

Contest Preparation
- How many weeks out from contest do you start out from? 
- What are the main focus points to keep in mind while getting ready for the contest?
- Cutting Weight, Why?
- Dietary changes, conventional dieting.
- Incorporating cardio in to your workouts, how much and when?
- Training Techniques: How should lifting regime change?
- Posing suite: Choice, colors, fit, comfort.
- Final week preparation: All the shit that happens in the last week before competition.

Mr. Olympia
- Contest thoughts on the pre-show of Olympia.
- Free on the internet – Go Watch! September 15 – 18.
- http://www.bodybuild...-main-page.html
- http://www.fitflex.c...ia-webcast.html
- http://www.mrolympia.../mrolympia.html <--- Listing
- <--- This is a hardcore gym!

The Evil pony video!

I found my path founder

Da Gym Bag!
- What in your gym box and why?
- The right stuff to go to the gym with.
A. Clothing - Loose fit, tight, sleeveless, tank tops, short, shoes, hats.
B. Belts: Dip Belts & Lifting Belts. When you need them and why?
C. Wraps:
- Keen Wraps: Support your knees during high impact exercise with knee wraps.
- Ab Straps: Exercise your abs with hanging leg raises by using high quality Ab Straps.
- Wrist Wraps: Support wrist integrity during monster lifts.
- Lifting Straps: Maximize your effort during heavy lifts with lifting straps.

Artist Talk!
Artist Block: It's the fear of not being able to do it that is making you feel you've lost your inspiration.
- What is it?
- What cause it?
- What are ways to get around it that won't kill you?


  • Wolfwithepix: Any tips on gaining healthy weight? Would like to start with something to burn (Gaining fat to burn into muscle).
  • Meanbeard: Is there any other good non weight exercises besides pushups to help create a big chest? Is the all in one, The Rack:


  • WeaselZERO: Are there any tips on working on various body parts? Like arms or legs? Major body parts overall. Back, arms, legs, abs, chest, shoulders, etc.
  • Enigma530: Any tips for healthy eating? I know that's something I'm terrible at. Yeah. In general, what foods should be avoid or only consumed sparingly and what foods should take a higher percentage of daily intake.
  • Ragetiger: Oh I have a classic question: How many calories are you eating per day? Following up with: How many grams of protein are you consuming?

itunes Review:
August 28 – 4 Stars!
Steven Jones: The shows seem to be going off fairly well so far. Its a bit off-topic, but usually slips back into working out and some weightlifting advice. But it has plenty of potential (both in the cast’s health goals and the podcast general.) I’ll be subscribed and eager to see how this podcast works out. Perhaps even try and get on the show sometime!

Schredded’s 2011 Mr. Olympia Predictions
1. Cutler, Jay
2. Heath, Phil
3. Greene, Kai
4. Wolf, Dennis
5. Jackson, Dexter
6. Freeman, Toney
7. Martinez, Victor
8. Nunn, Edward
9. Yamagishi, Hidetada
10. Alves, Troy
11. Abiad, Fouad
12. Curry, Brandon
13. Winklaar, Roelly
14. Lewis, James

Mr. Olympia The Wining List
1. Phil Heath
2. Jay Cutler
3. Kai Greene
4. Victor Martinez
5. Dennis Wolf
6. Dexter Jackson
7. Toney Freeman
8. Brandon Curry
9. Ronny Rockel
10. Hidetada Yamagishi